Friday, January 4, 2008

Telecomputing for the masses

For years I've set up my computer so that I can "remote-control" it from another computer over the internet. It came in especially handy at college, where I could have full access to my dorm computer using my laptop anywhere on campus.

Initially it was VNC, followed by the faster TightVNC, and then the feature-rich UltraVNC.

When I switched to Mac, I was pleased to find that OsX had VNC built in!

All of those options have firewall and IP address issues, which are fixed with various online offerings. LogMeIn is unique in that it has a free version, and just added Mac support, allowing you to control any of your PC's or Mac's (after installing a program on them), just by logging into their website.

This is handy for accessing your computer when away, at work, or on vacation. It's also great for troubleshooting someones computer. I fixed my dad's while he was in Italy using this.


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