Friday, February 8, 2008

Hole-in-the-wall gets an upgrade

Back in the 80's, G. Fox was big, and it's 10 story flagship store in downtown Hartford was the Macy's of New England. Attached were other stores, a food court in the basement, and an office building my dad worked in. While everyone in the food court did brisk business, Saigon Kitchen's line wrapped around the court. My dad ate there every day.

After G. Fox closed and the other shops followed suit, one by one the food court restaurants closed as well, but Saigon Kitchen, and it's loyal customers, stayed. It's entrance was an unmarked, propped-open steel door in a blank brick wall, but people still came. Long after the landlord wanted to close and sell the building, they held onto the lease. Finally, they struck a deal to section off a corner of the court and make a 'real' restaurant. Construction started in Feb '07 and was to take 3 months.

On November 6th, they finally re-opened to lines that went down the block and around the corner, that were repeated often, even in winter. My dad and I are still frequent visitors, and highly recommends their specialties, Sesame Chicken and Hot & Spicy Chicken.


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