Monday, October 19, 2009

Presenting the EATS

In my spare time I am an advisor to an engineering club at my old High School. For the past few years we've entered a rocketry competition, but last year we returned to the JETS-NEDC contest. The goal is to design a new product to assist a handicapped individual in doing their job.

We had a great group who came up with a design to help a wheelchair user access a book-bag or briefcase, and easily stow it behind the chair. They called it the Easy Access Transport System (EATS). The judges were impressed with their report and 5 minute video presentation, and ended up as one of 5 teams winning an award at the National Finals this past March, including a special award for best presentation.

It got a lot of press.

The students are now trying to commercialize their product while at the same time, along with a few new-commers, enter this years contest with a new idea...


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