Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chasing Spinning Plastic...

Ultimate frisbee season is getting into full swing, and as a result I joined a new team, Delicious Bass. This past weekend we played at the Bell Crack tournament, near Philadelphia.
In pool play we went 1 and 3, entering bracketed play 4th in our pool. There we won in the first round. The second game was against Animal, a nationally ranked team. We were down at the half 8 to 2, but came back in the second half to lose 15 to 12.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Daily Show, LIVE (for me, at least)

Yesterday I went into NYC to see a taping of "The Daily Show" with some friends from college. Tickets were free, but had to be reserved a few months in advance.

Always overbooked, we arrived early and stood in line outside for about 2 hours. After we were let in and seated, a visiting comedian warmed us up, had us practice cheering loudly, and otherwise did his act. The studio and the audience was suprisingly small (about 150 or so).

Once Jon Stuart came out, he spoke with the audience for a bit, answered questions, etc. Then the show started. While most of it was on the teleprompter, the interview with Tobey Maguire was apparently unscripted. From what I hear, most shows are done in 1 take, but they had to reshoot one scene when Jon Hodges (aka "PC") kept looking at a camera, and it switched to another one.

It was a really neat expereince, but 3 hours of waiting is a bit much for about 40 minutes of filming. Even so, I'll probably go again.
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